Monday, December 5, 2011

Ms. Maria's Science

We are beginning our new unit in science: Shaping Earth's Surface. The following investigations will be completed throughout the next seven to ten weeks.

Investigation 1: Landforms in Your Region
Investigation 2: Rocks and Weathering
Investigation 3: Erosional Rivers and Landforms
Investigation 4: Coastal Erosiona nd Deposition
Investigation 5: Deltas and Floodplains
Investigation 6: Glaciers, Erosion, and Deposition
Investigation 7: Changing Human and Wildlife Habitats

Today we introduced the shaping of Earth's surface and students must answer the following questions:

Answer the following questions with a description to support your response.
1. Have you ever wondered how landscapes from and change?
2. Have you ever seen a stream rushing down a mountainside?
3. Have you ever looked at the way seashores are shaped?
4. Have you ever see the effects of a landslide?

We will start Investigation 1 this week.

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