Wednesday, November 30, 2011

ELA Homefun - Tracy's Class for Monday 11-30-2011

Dissect "Hope" Is The Thing With Feathers by Emily Dickinson
Share what you think the writer is communicating. Please mention the title and author in your dissection.

Due: Wednesday 12-01-2011

We have completed many mini-lessons (mostly poetry). This weekend I will be inputting the following assignments (many of which, were done in class):

1) Human Quality - from The Watson's Go To Birmingham
2) Seedfolks Letter
3) Alliteration/Hyperbole (in-class assignment)
4) "Smart" dissection
5) "Hope" Is The Thing With Feathers dissection
6) Oh, The Places You'll Go dissection
7) 3 stanza A-B-A-B poem
8) Noun sheet
9) 3 stanza A-B-A-B "school" poem
10) #2 Noun sheet

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