Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Legacy Project: Writer's Workshop

Good Evening Folks!

Today was a great day in Humanities!  We worked on our Legacy Project in class in "Writer's Workshop".  Students are given a "Must Do" and several "May Do" activities to complete, and while they are doing this, I am able to conference with students one- on- one about their project.  The goal for today was to have a first draft in progress- this was the "Must Do" activity. It was a very successful day in terms of meeting that goal.  In addition, many students self-selected to work on several of the "May Do" activities as they reached a stopping point in their drafting.

In the last two days, I have had a brief one- on- one conference with every student about the project, and I am really encouraged by the enthusiasm and pride students displayed in our conversations.  Today, we calendared the important due dates for the rest of the project on a calendar I passed out to students.  It should be in everyone's binders, but here's the dates:

Friday, February 18- First draft due.  (Students also have the option to turn this in on Thursday if they would like to have it back on Friday to work on over the long weekend.  Otherwise, I will read and comment on these over the weekend.)
February 21-22 No school for students.
Wednesday, February 23- Writer's Workshop focusing on revising and editing.
Friday, February 25- Oral Presentation 'Lottery'.  Students will have the chance to sign up for a day to present on their topic and visual display in a random order.
Monday, February 28- Final draft of research essay due.
March 1-4  Oral presentations will be conducted.  Students will present on their chosen date.  (Presentations should be less than 5 minutes!)

Feel free to talk any of this over with your child- all of this was discussed in great detail in class, and students should be aware of everything mentioned in this post.  If there are any questions, please feel free to email me. (

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