Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Draft of Legacy Project due Friday

On Friday, I will collect a draft of the Legacy Project from each student.  That way, I am able to give feedback to students on their writing and they have some direction for Writer's Workshop on Wednesday, when we will be revising and editing.  The draft that is due this Friday will be 'graded' just on the simple "Complete", "Incomplete", or "Missing" scale.  The rubric attached to the project will be used to evaluate the final draft, which is due on February 28th.   Friday's draft doesn't have to be perfect, it just has to be done!

Students had another 30 minutes in class today for Workshop- but this time, drafting was a "May Do" activity, instead of a "Must Do".  Many students choose to work on their draft at this time, and they are really coming along nicely.

Today we had a great Socratic-style discussion about theme.  Students were thinking critically and deeply about various texts, and made some really insightful comments.  I'm looking forward to continuing to deepen our understanding of theme in the next several days.

Note: The grading window closes on Friday, February 18.  This will be the last day to turn in any missing assignments.

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