Monday, March 12, 2012

Ms. Maria's Science Class

Unit 3 Investigation 3: Heat Conduction

Key question: How does heat energy get transferred by conduction?

Standards Covered

3.c Heat flows in solids by conduction (which involves no flow of matter) and in fluids by conduction and convection (which involves flow of matter).

3.d Heat energy is also transferred between objects by radiation (radiation can travel through space).


1. Students will be able to demonstrate, through the use of a model, conduction and convection
2. Students will be able to explain the different types of heat transfer--conduction, radiation, and convection.
3. Students will be able to illustrate data using different types of tables and charts.


Packet on Heat and Energy--Conduction due Thursday 3/15/2012.
Read and complete 1-13.
Choose three important elements and highlight, or underline, or circle.

Cornell Notes and Annotations due Wednesday 3/14/2012
Read passage and generate one question and one annotation for each paragraph.
Write a summary about what you learned.

Review and Reflect #1-7. Due Friday 3/16/2012.

Study for Quiz.

Quiz on Conduction, Convection, and Radiation.

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