Friday, March 2, 2012

Ms. Maria's Science Class

We will begin the second investigation in unit three next week. As we will be learning about the formation of natural gas I will need our young scientists to complete the following on Friday night:

1. Take a sandwich sized plastic zippy bag and fill it three quaters with salad greens. Bag should be securely sealed.

2. Place the bag somewhere warm (like on top of a refrigerator or a window sill) and out of sight.

3. Write down the type of salad greens used and record data such as: where the bag was kept and how it changed over the weekend.

On Sunday night or Monday morning scientists should take another zippy bag and fill it 3/4 with fresh salad greens. If bag is filled sunday night, place in refrigerator to keep fresh.

Scientists are to bring both bags to school on Monday.

**Note: Scientists please make sure to let your parents know what we are doing in class to ensure your bag is not mistaken for rubbish and discarded.

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