Thursday, February 23, 2012

POSEIDON - Ms. Maria's ELA Group

Please complete the Chapter Graphic for Chapter 2: Three Old Ladies Knit The Socks of Death.

Your graphic has to have:

A picture in the middle which is a symbol for the chapter. It can be an important object mentioned in the chapter – like Nancy’s sandwich.

At least three colors used to color the object. Each color has to represent something, and you must write why you chose that color. For instance, “Red stands Percy’s anger at being expelled.”

On each corner of the page, pick a quote from the chapter and copy it. The quote can be any 1-2 line section that you think is significant, important, or tells something revealing about one of the characters. After each quote, explain what it means and why you picked it in a sentence.Put the title of the chapter and your name at the top.

Due Friday 2/24/2012

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