Sunday, February 12, 2012

Esmeralda's History

This week in our unit of Ancient India, we will be covering Ch. 15:
Learning About World Religions: Hinduism
Our Essential Question: What are the origins and beliefs of Hinduism?
Along with learning about Hinduism, they will also learn about mandalas.

They will have a chapter quiz Friday, Feb. 17th.

After that, here are the rest of the lessons on Ancient India:

Ch. 16: Learning About World Religions: Buddhism

Essential Question: What are the main beliefs and teachings of Buddhism?

Ch. 17: The First Unification of India

Essential Question: How did Ashoka unify the Mauryan Empire and spread Buddhist values?

Ch. 18: The Achievements of the Gupta Empire

Essential Question: Why is the period during the Gupta Empire known as a “golden age”?

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