Wednesday, February 15, 2012

6th Grade Science

The Shaping of Earth's Surface

Great work 6th graders! We are concluding Unit 2 this week. By Friday we will complete a reflection on the second unit.. I hope that you have all enjoyed learning about erosion, weathering, landforms, deposition, and landforms. On Thursday and Friday we will discuss the following:

1. How do rocks change over time?
2. What causes the shape of the land to change over time?
3. What connections between the shaping of Earth's surface and the Earth system have students been able to make?
4. What scientific inquiry processes did students use?
5. How did scientific inquiry processes help you learn about the shaping of Earth's surface?

This investigation into the shaping of Earth's surface is now complete, but that is not the end of our learning! As time goes on and you will encounter different landforms, and landscapes throughout your future travels of the United States (or abroad). Look for some of these examples to make connections to what you have learned in class.

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