Sunday, November 6, 2011

ELA Homefun - Tracy's Class for Week #10 (11/07 to 11/11/2011)

Due to lack of completion and poor execution we have collectively reviewed the Reading Log procedures. For this week, Reading Logs will be suspended until November 15, 2011. Upon the return of Reading Logs, only 3 per week will be required as our goal is quality, not quantity.

Larchmont Folks Assignment #3 - Challenges in Life Writing Activities
We will complete on our last Larchmont Folks Writing Assignments - Challenges in Life

What kind of challenges did your chosen character face in the story?

Explain how this challenge affected the character.

Pretend you are the main character in the story. Write a letter to an advice columnist about one of our problems.

Write a short letter to the author explaining what kind of insights you gained from reading this book.

Write a short poem expressing the main character's feelings.

Do you think it is wise for students to read about "real life: situations? Explain why or why not.

Various due dates to be given in class.

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