Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Ms. Maria's Science/ELA Class


You have to complete the questions in your Cornell Notes. Remember, you have to create questions that should be answered by the notes you took in class. Yes, you create these questions.

Also, to become accustumed to writing lab reports you should copy the lab report I gave you in class today. Get familar with the different parts involved in writing and putting together a lab report. Copy and fill in the hypothesis for Friday's lab.

If you have a stop watch, please bring it to class for the lab.


Reading Logs

Your name card should be finished with the exception of color. If you don't add color, that is OK as long as the sketch is done and you are ready to add color as soon as you walk into class on friday. I should not see anyone sketching on friday. I should only see you adding color.

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  1. What happens if i left my Name card poster at school?

    What can i do?

    -Luis SantaCruz