Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Esmeralda's History Class 9/27/11

Complete Chapter 2 description of Hominids in your Interactive Student Notebook (ISN) p. 12-16... due Wednesday, Sept. 28th.

Also complete the Processing section at the bottom of pg. 16 (Due Friday, Sept. 30th): On a separate sheet of paper, create a fact-filled "superhero" poster for the hominid group you found most interesting. The poster should focus on the capabilities of the hominid you select. Your poster needs to include
1. the scientific name and nickname of your hominid
2. information about where and when your hominid lived
3. a drawing of your hominid group doing something in their natural environment.
4. a desciption of your hominid's important capapbilities
5. any other creative ideas that make the poster more appealing.

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