Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Humanities Update

I'm baaaaack!!  Unfortunately, we haven't been able to log onto the blog from the school's network for the past several weeks, but I tried again this morning, and here I am!

Humanities Updates:

Homework:  The level of homework completion has significantly increased, as have overall grades.  Students have had three comprehension checks to go along with the chapters for homework (as per the calendar provided at the beginning of the unit).    Students have received a grade sheet with their overall scores and a list of any missing assignments, and will continue to receive these on Fridays.

Missing Assignments/Make-Up Work:  The absolute final date that I will accept late work (at a 70% score unless there are extenuating circumstances) is Thursday, June 2nd.  This is to leave time for me to input grades to the school, as well as to ensure that students focus on the Signature Project.

Signature Project:  Students have received the syllabus for the Signature Project, including the rubric.  We have started the project this week.

Assessments: There is a short quiz today that is a review of grammar, based on the 50 Caught'ya Grammar Exercises we have completed in class.  Friday is the final Hunger Games Exam.  It is a major grade for the semester, and will culminate the Hunger Games unit.  Students received a study guide yesterday for the exam.

Extra Credit:  Students will receive an extra credit essay prompt today that they may complete for 10 extra credit points.  It will be due on Wednesday, June 1st.

Teacher Appreciation Week:  Last week was absolutely lovely.  Thank you for such a wonderful Teacher Appreciation Week :)

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