Sunday, May 1, 2011

Humanities Homework

This week will be a busy one as we prepare for the annual CST.

Here are the expected assignments:

1.  April Reading Log
I will be collecting this on Monday, May 2nd. There will not be a May Reading Log because students already have the Hunger Games to keep up with.

2.  Social Studies Study Guide Chapter 36
This was passed out early last week.  Students have had 3-4 occasions to work on it during class.  It is a bit lengthy, so they will have one more class period to work on it before it becomes homework.  The expected due date is Wednesday, May 4th.

3.  Hunger Games Comprehension Check Chapters 1-8
Students are responsible for reading Chapters 1-8 this week.  The Comprehension Check is to ensure that as students are reading, they are understanding and thinking about the novel.  It will be due Friday, May 6th.  There will be 30 minutes provided each day for students to read in class.

4.  Standards Review Packet
This will be passed out on Monday.  Students will be assigned certain parts of the packet to complete based on what they have demonstrated they know on the Benchmark Exams.  The idea is for each student to have time to practice the skills that they still need help with.  If students do any extra worksheets in the packet, they will receive extra credit towards their English Language Arts grade.

Thank you for all that you do.  I know that this week is one with much more homework than students usually see in Humanities- please reach out if your child needs any support in completing these assignments.  There will be significant chunks of times provided for students to work on these during class.

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