Monday, March 21, 2011

Humanities Update

We are beginning our Expository Unit today.  The topic of our unit is the events in Japan.   We will use reading strategies to tackle informational texts, and practice skills such as finding the main idea, summarizing, note-taking, and revising writing in this unit.  Students have a packet of newspaper articles that we will be using throughout the this 2-3 week unit.

The copier machine (aka the bane of my existence) pooped out on me today, and so I will have to distribute the reading logs to the kids tomorrow.  They should still read tonight, and I'll give them a few minutes to update the reading log in class tomorrow with Monday's reading.  The additional homework assignment is to complete the Reading Notes for Chapter 32.

On a side note- I found a great website that has a collection of audiobooks available for free.  You just have to download the files chapter by chapter.  There are lots of classics available on that site (Even in the expository unit, I'm pushing literature... I can't help it!).  And speaking of classics, check out this word cloud...

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