Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Humanities HW

First off, I'd like to report some good news!  96% of students turned their Legacy Project in on time!  (Just to provide a point of reference- my first couple weeks at LCS, I only had about 50% of students turn in any given assignment.)  I am thrilled by the tremendous effort students showed on this project.  The 96% completion rate truly reflects students' organizational skills, work habits, and focus.

Also, I'd like to give a shout-out to Paul, Noah, Matteo, Ju-Won, Lauren, Arianna, and Juan, who started off the oral presentations on a high note.  These students were prepared to present, and their excitement and expertise about their topic was evident.

Reading Logs are back this week!  I know you missed them!

For our Language Conventions unit in English Language Arts, we are focusing on grammar, punctuation, spelling, word choice, etc.   Many of these skills are addressed in the our 'Do Now' activity- the Caught Ya! Students correct a short passage (a small piece of a continuous story) and are introduced to some fabulous vocabulary in context.  I try to 'catch them' each day by adding some new elements that will provide a challenge to them.

This week, students are to use each of their vocabulary words in a sentence.  There are 14 words- students can choose to write 14 original sentences, or try to incorporate 2-3 words in a sentence, or write a short story or paragraph that includes all 14 words.  They will most likely be unable to complete this assignment tonight, as I collected their Caught Ya papers (which is where many of them wrote down the definitions.) This paper will be handed back to students tomorrow. I do not expect students to look these words up again, which was made very clear in class. The assignment is due on Thursday, March 3rd.  

The words for the week are tedious, nestled, verdant, shrilled, ingenuous, auburn, insipid, sagacious, otiose, retorted, fey, meager, awry, and waggish.  (Isn't that an awesome list of words? They are also oftentimes found on the SAT).

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