Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Humanities Homework

Students should complete the diagrams for the following sentences.  
1.  While Nero fiddled, Rome burned. 
2. She laughed after he turned his back.
3. Rex hides in the closet whenever it thunders.
4. As you stand up, the group will sit down.
5. I danced until the musicians were tired.
All of these sentences contain dependent clauses.    The majority of students finished them in class, but a few will have to finish at home.  They should have notes and examples to help them. 

I introduced a project for students to complete as we are finishing up our novel, Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief.  Students were given a paper "Percy Jackson Culminating Tasks" with the project information.  This project is 'menu' style- which means that students are able to choose what they would like to complete (like a menu at a restaurant).  This is to allow students to explore their own interests and talents as they reflect on their understanding of the novel.  Students are to complete 20 points worth of projects on the menu- and anything they do extra will be counted as extra credit (not to exceed 25 points).  Students can turn the projects in as they are completed, but the 20 points needs to be achieved by Thursday, April 7th.  The projects were left fairly open-ended so that students can interpret them in their own unique ways.  

Students still have many questions about the project- we will be continuing to discuss the project in class for the next several days.  Students will also have an opportunity to work on the projects in class during Workshop time.

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