Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Humanities HW for the Week

There will be NO reading log or closing paper this week (but students are still encouraged to read if they have time!).    This is to allow students time to finalize their Legacy Project at home.  Students should expect to spend several hours at home over the next few days revising and editing their drafts, preparing a 3-5 minute speech about their topic (which should resemble the draft), and creating a visual display for the presentation (a powerpoint, a poster, a model, a video, etc.).   It is O.K. to have a handwritten final draft, although typed is preferred.

Students have had over 10 hours in class to work on the Legacy Project.  It will be collected on Monday, February 28th.  Barring any debilitating illness or a death in the family, there will be no extensions on the deadline!  Turning the project in late will result in a 60% grade.

Students who turned a draft in on Friday received a typed page of feedback in order to support them in revising and editing their drafts.  In addition, we went over the rubric today, and students were given a packet to reference on the 6 Traits of Writing- Ideas, Organization, Voice, Word Choice, Sentence Fluency, and Language Conventions.


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