Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Homework: Get Field Trip Slip Signed! (and Reading Logs of course)

Today, we had a discussion about research skills, and I shared some resources such as Google's Art Project and Wonder Wheel search feature.  On Friday, we will be walking to the library to begin our individual research.  Students will be back to campus in time for hot lunch, and are welcome to bring their library cards if they have one.  Some students asked about bringing a laptop- I am O.K. with this as long as the student takes full responsibility for it.  Just keep in mind it is about a 15 minute walk, and lugging around a laptop might become difficult.

Field trip slips went home today.  Students have to return a signed field trip slip to me in order to go to the library!

Here is a short video about Art Project (this will be useful for students researching Greek art).

A search feature I shared with students today is Google Wonder Wheel- they should be able to tell you more about it, but here's a screen shot that shows you a bit about how it works (or at least what it looks like):

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