Friday, February 25, 2011

Class Today

Today in class we had another discussion.  The topic of the discussion was "Some books should be banned."  Students reflected in writing on whether or not they agreed with the topic, and then we discussed as a group.  I wanted to share this with you because in the course of the discussion some very heavy subjects came up (such as race and suicide).  I was impressed with the maturity and sensitivity of the students in the discussion around these topics, which can be very personal and uncomfortable.  In the course of the discussion, I asked questions, moderated 'air-time', and offered comments to keep the discussion moving (with the disclaimer that I was not necessarily expressing my own opinions- no matter how much they begged, I did not explain my own feelings on the topic!)

I wanted to provide you the context of the discussion, should these conversations continue at home.  Please feel free to ask you child for their view on censorship, and enrich their understanding by checking out some resources and opinion pieces here, here, and here!

Final reminder- Legacy Project Essay due Monday!  The presentations will be Tuesday-Friday next week- students signed up for a day to present in class today.  They are responsible for bringing their presentation materials (such as visual displays) that day, as there are no open slots for them to present any other day!  There will be no 'make-up' presentations for unpreparedness.

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