Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Humanities Update

We began our ancient Greece unit this week. We will be reading Percy Jackson and the Lightening Thief as we study the ancient Greeks in Social Studies. The last several days we have focused on the geography of Greece, and Thursday and Friday we will be looking at government. On Friday, there will be a short quiz on Greek geography and government.

There are some students who haven't finished the classwork in school. The classwork on Tuesday was to create a labeled map of ancient Greece, and today's classwork was a "Reading Notes" handout about Chapter 25. Time management has been an ongoing discussion with the students- I'm trying to help them monitor their own progress and keep on track. The goal is for students to complete classwork in class, and to not have to take it home!

Tomorrow, I will check out the Social Studies books for students who need to complete these assignments at home. Students will be responsible for bringing the textbooks back to me before the first class of the day, because we only have one class set of textbooks and we will need them in class on Friday. The map and the handout will be collected and graded on Friday (along with the reading log and closing papers). I should be able to report a grade to students early next week.

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