Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Humanities Homework

Students have a writing assignment due on Friday. They are to write a Top 10 List on a topic of their choosing, as long as it shows the reader (me) something about who they are. They have an example that I wrote and we read together in class on Tuesday.

I am copying and pasting an info sheet below that I passed out to students explaining the assignment.

Assignment #1: Description

Now you read my Top 10 List, you are going to write your own. It can be about anything you want- Top 10 Things You Love about School, or Top 10 Favorite Things to Do, or Top 10 Things that Drive You Crazy. I’ll give you some examples at the end.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Should I write in complete sentences? Absolutely. No one-word answers.

Why do I have to do this? I’d like to get to know you. I’d like to see your writing style. It’s a good idea to reflect and put your thoughts on paper.

Should each number have more than one sentence? Most, if not all, should. Mine do.

Should I use humor? If you want to, why not?

Will mine be shared with my classmates? Yes!

Should I do some prewriting and even a rough draft? That's a good idea.

Should my list be typed? If you want, or very neatly handwritten in ink (write on front sides only)

When is this due? On Friday of this week, January 21st.

Oh my gosh...does mine have to be as long as your list? It can be.

What happens if I can't think of 10 things? Do your best. Push yourself.

Will this assignment take me a long time? Probably longer than you think...

Assignment #1: Examples

You don’t have to pick from this list, but if you want some ideas here they are.

--Top Ten Memorable Moments in the Life of [Your Full Name]

--Top Ten Things that [Your Name] Believes

--Top Ten Things that [Your Full Name] Loves about His/Her Heritage or Religion

--Top Ten Things That Drive [Your Name] Crazy.

--Top Ten Things that Concern [Your Name] About the World

--Top Ten Things that [Your Name] Loves About Life.

--Top Ten Reasons Why [Your Name] Does or Does Not Like School.

--[Your Name]'s Top Ten Favorite (or least favorite) Movies (and why)

--Top Ten Activities that [Your Name] Loves to Do Outside of School

--Top Ten Important Facts about [Your Name]

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