Monday, December 13, 2010

All 6th Grade- Homework Assignment for Monday December 13, 2010

Due to the number of students who have missing assignments in Humanities all students are assigned to create a PLAN or SCHEDULE regarding making up the missing assignments. All students have been given three weeks to make-up their work but must turn in a PLAN or SCHEDULE to demonstrate how they are going to do this.

Students will do the following:
-List missing assignments (using their Table of Content forms given & completed today in ELA)
-Identify when each assignment will be completed.
Example: Daily Report 11/15/2010 - I will do on Monday December 13, 2010, etc.
-Plans should be logical and reasonable based on what the student is "able" to do with their time.

We will review Plans/Schedules tomorrow in mathematics.

Please direct any questions to Tracy as she has assigned this assignment, based on previous lessons regarding management of time.

Objective: Assignment completion for all students. Grades will be modified on receipt of missing assignments.

Plan/Schedule is due Tuesday December 14, 2010

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