Monday, November 8, 2010

Language Arts for Monday, November 8, 2010

  • Set Reading Goals
  • Read to Meet Goals
  • Daily Report 11/8/10 - Complete Tchart including "What the Book Says" (at least 3 quotes, copy actual text) and "Thinking" (what you think and an explanation of your thinking for each quote)
  • Collect at least 1 word a night and 5 per week
For Friday History Connection: You learned about problems facing Ancient Sumer. Find a news report about a similar problem facing a country or community in the world today.
  • Publish your findings so they can be posted on a bulletin board for the class:
  1. Print the report (or summarize who, what, when where, why for audio/tv).
  2. Complete a problem/solution chart.
  3. Write a comparison of the problem today and the problem faced by Ancient Sumer.
For Monday
  • Type draft for student blog (See me if you don't have a working printer before Friday.)

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