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Language Arts for Monday, September 27, 2010

On notebook paper, write a rough draft for your scholar frame (about you). Remember the scholar frame includes:
  • One paragraph describing two strengths in terms of the ESLRs
  • Two bulleted lists describing each strength from your paragraph
  • One paragraph describing two goals in terms of the ESLRs
  • Two bulleted lists describing each goal

Below you will find the ESLRs and paragraph examples from Block 1 and Block 2 for a Dr. Seuss scholar frame.

A Larchmont Charter School graduate is a scholar who:

□ through oral communication,
□ by writing clearly,
□ by listening and hearing others and by responding appropriately, and
□ through the arts

Seeks to understand:
□ by formulating questions
□ by pursuing answers,
□ by reading and thinking critically and thoughtfully,
□ as a reflective learner,
□ the perspectives of a world community.

Demonstrates respect:
□ for oneself,
□ for others,
□ for our school,
□ for one’s family and community, and
□ for the environment and living beings.

Takes responsibility:
□ for one’s actions,
□ for one’s words,
□ for one’s learning,
□ for one’s body, and
□ for the environment and the earth’s limited resources.

□ when problems cannot be solved readily,
□ when faced with criticism and disappointment
□ through challenges, and
□ by reflecting, trying harder or differently, and then trying again until reaching a resolution

Scholar Frame Example Top Triangle Paragraph written by Block 1

Dr. Seuss was very good at persevering. He went through a lot in his life like World War I and Prohibition. His family came from Germany, and it was hard for them in America. They sold beer and they lost their business. Dr. Seuss persevered through criticism and disappointment when he tried to get To Think That I Saw It on Mulberry Street published. It took twenty-eight submissions! He didn’t give up. He was the man in writing and illustrating children’s books. Dr. Seuss communicates by writing clearly through the arts and teaching lessons. Books like The Lorax are about helping the environment, and The Sneetches is about stopping discrimination. He taught lessons around the world with his books in classrooms.

Scholar Frame Example Top Triangle Paragraph written by Block 2

Do you remember reading Dr. Seuss’s books when you were little and how much joy he brought to your heart? Dr. Seuss communicates by writing clearly, and he persevered when his book got rejected 27 times by the Vanguard Press. Because he persevered, he’s written books like Horton Hears a Who, Oh The Places You Will Go, and Horton lays an Egg that at least give you one message about the ESLRs in a way that is still telling a story. He’s also contributed to magazines like Life, Vanity Fair, and Judge. Dr. Seuss communicates through the arts by rhyming in all his books to catch your attention and make reading fun. He communicates clearly by using catchy titles to explain what the book is about. It’s almost like Dr. Seuss is there. Underneath all that creativity is a wise message. Unfortunately, he passed away on September 24, 1991. We all miss him because his books gave us all happiness and joy in our lives. His fun and easy to read stories inspired us all. Dr. Seuss you will be remembered.

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